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Flowers in a Spring by ShinigamisPet Flowers in a Spring :iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 2 6 Finally Healed Autobot Tattoo by ShinigamisPet Finally Healed Autobot Tattoo :iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 1 8 Leona 'Faecat' Duerksen for Transformers 4! by ShinigamisPet Leona 'Faecat' Duerksen for Transformers 4! :iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 7 31 Shield and Symbol by ShinigamisPet Shield and Symbol :iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 3 12 Tenebrae by ShinigamisPet Tenebrae :iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 2 13 Never Hopeless by ShinigamisPet Never Hopeless :iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 4 15 The House Guardian by ShinigamisPet The House Guardian :iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 3 6 Darth Snow by ShinigamisPet Darth Snow :iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 6 10 Catch by ShinigamisPet Catch :iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 3 3
Science and Fiction JE 36
Hot showers are awesome.  Especially when you feel so dirty that you're not even sure you have skin beneath all the grime and your muscles ache like you've just completed a triathlon in record time.
I let the water wash over me, washing away everything but something was bothering me.  I couldn't remember actually getting into the shower.  How had I gotten so filthy?  Why did I hurt so bad?  I must have stayed up way too late last night...that's why I couldn't remember.  What time was it anyway?
Reveling in the cleansing shower, I tried to remember what had happened.  I was way too sore for just a simple explanation like a hard work out but I really couldn't remember what I had done.  Oh well, I would remember soon enough.  Dismissing the pain for the pleasure that was hot water raining down on me I got the sneaking suspicion that it was something I wasn't going to enjoy remembering.
Stepping out o
:iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 1 0
Science and Fiction JE 35
Journal entry; you are...where?
Not that I'm entirely sure how it came around to it but I seemed to remember there being a whole lot of talking, cussing and even a few threats before I found myself standing before a rather disgusted Sunstreaker.
The look on his face had been priceless when I had come crawling out of Barricade's carrying hold.  Even better when he realized I was the one he had 'sensed'.  Almost think he'd rather it had been Barricade.
~Aurian Fae
Aurian was anything but stable but she would not stand down, couldn't stand down.  Barricade was in trouble and she had to do something to help him until the others could get there, so she was trying to convince Sunstreaker to help her help him.
"Like Pit."  He stated firmly, sneering at the little creature before him.
"Don't call me that!"  The mech leaned close to the woman as he snarled t
:iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 1 0
Science and Fiction JE 34
Journal entry; struggle
Barricade was an artist.  He knew how to avoid like none other I've ever seen...not that I've really seen anyone practice the skill myself...but the point is he was good.  Even injured like he was we were ducking 'Con's at every corner.  It really made me wonder how Dead End had gotten the drop on him.
Of course at the time I really didn't have much brain power left for thinking about such things.  I had a new voice in my head I had to figure out.
Damn.  These 'Con's were not as dumb as I hoped for.  They were blocking the exits like pros.  We needed a distraction...
~Aurian Fae
"Who are you?"  Aurian asked cautiously.  It wasn't as though anyone might hear her voice over the sirens now blaring angrily throughout the compound, which she was coming to realize had also been carved into the Earth, th
:iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 1 0
Science and Fiction JE 33
Journal entry; negotiations
He wouldn't let me out.  He wouldn't try to escape.  He wouldn't give the Decepticons what they wanted...He was far stronger then I was.
It was getting pretty desperate.  I wasn't sure how much more Barricade could handle, I could already hear his systems running at scary levels and the temperature of the metal that surrounded me was gradually rising, that pale blue light was starting to waver.  That pale blue light...there was something about that...
And that's not even to bring up my own petty troubles; I was hungry and thirsty and every muscle in my body ached from being so cramped but I didn't dare complain about that.  Compared to 'Cade?  I had it good.
~Aurian Fae
"'Cade?"  Aurian stroked the metal around her softly.  The interrogators had come and gone yet again and she was bothered by how still
:iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 1 0
Science and Fiction JE 32
Journal entry; panic
Sideswipe's calls were unending, 'Where are you?', 'Are you okay?', 'What happened?' and I couldn't answer any of them.  It was a horribly vicious cycle because he was getting really worked up about it and turns out that any extreme feelings are hard to hold back over an open connection.  He didn't want to close the connection though because he was afraid...which was making me afraid...which made him more afraid...yep, there's the cycle right there.
So in a matter of minutes I was in hysterical panic.  I screamed and kicked and punched with everything I had, all for nothing of course.  Wherever I was, I wasn't getting out on my own.
~Aurian Fae
"Do something with him!"
"Like what?"
"I don't know, you're the medic!"  Ironhide was struggling to keep hold of the young mech beneath him.
"I've already given him the strongest sedative I have on
:iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 1 0
Science and Fiction JE 31
Journal entry; slag-sometimes it just happens
The Autobots and the N.E.S.T. team were called out on a sighting.  They all went for this one, I guess there was some pretty big 'Cons reeking havoc in Africa...or maybe it was Russia...honestly I have no idea.  I only got a brief 'what-not-to-do' as they all rushed off.
Silly thing though...that list most definitely did not involve 'not bothering Barricade', or 'not fragging around with Jazz's frame', or 'not hacking the med bay's main computer to play spider solitaire on the biggest screen I think I've ever seen'.  Nope.  Not a one of those things had been covered in my very strict list of 'don't's'.
~Aurian Fae
Boredom is a very dangerous thing.
Aurian had wandered the base for hours.  The only soldiers present were either busy with doing their part in the N.E.S.T. team's mission or they were sleeping, preparing
:iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 1 0
Science and Fiction JE 30
Journal entry; anomaly
Okay, so there's to my heart.  Ratchet says its not organic but it's not inorganic either.  So what is it?  I don't know.  We were all so sure that Scalpel had put it there, whatever it was, but what would the mech put inside me when he seemed to have every intention of taking me apart bit by bit anyway?  Gods that creeped me out.  I really kinda wanted to dig out this thing myself because anything he might have put there was nothing good.  However...the idea of an operation brought me to tears every time.
So I did anything and everything I could do to avoid the topic completely.
~Aurian Fae
"When are you going to finish fixing Barricade."  Aurian had been cornered by Ratchet once more.  He wanted to run more tests to make sure the anomaly hadn't changed which of course led to t
:iconshinigamispet:ShinigamisPet 1 0


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Okay Transformers fans of all verses!!!  I call to you in my time of need.  I beg of you to reach out with all that you can (even if it isn't much) and help me reach the eyes and ears of those that need to be reached.
If you're subscribed to my DA page, you've already seen the first step; my official banner made by :iconlttarantulas: ~LtTarantulas (thank you very much!), and my plea that went with it:

Here is my official banner. Leona 'Faecat' Duerksen for Transformers 4! by ShinigamisPet Share it any way, any how you can. I am taking my first step into the world of trying to change things I don't like on a grand scale; you on board?
I know that most of you who are going to read this right now don't know anyone who knows anyone, but share it none the less. The power of word of mouth is phenomenal and you'd be surprised who you might know or who you know might know.
Thank you in advance to all my friends, fans, and everyone else who gets involved.

I know this may seem like the proverbial 'I know better than anyone else', but that's not what it is at all.  I know I don't know everything there is to know about Transformers, I learn more every day, and I DO UNDERSTAND that things change and I'm really not against it at all.  I can accept changes better than most people I know (*cough cough* sparkly vampires *cough cough*) but there are some things I think might go a little too far.
All I'm really asking for is to have the chance to put the voice of the fans into the making of the script; that's all.  I think that many more of us would enjoy the movie a great deal better if our fanselves were heard.  Am I wrong?
Again; I'm not asking for miracles...well, no, that's not true - I am asking for a miracle by hoping that I can reach the script writing team that will be involved with this - but I'm not asking miracles of YOU, just to spread the word.

Now, you may wish to know what -I- have done to get this ball rolling other than asking all of you to reach out and spam the net with my plea to be heard, and I think you should know what I've done.  It's only fair.

I attempted to go straight to the source: Bay himself.  Turns out you cannot contact him for any kind of script/story/movie ideas whatsoever.  All such correspondences are deleted.  In truth, I figure that's probably only fair considering how many the man probably gets every day.
So!  Step two; go to the company.  DreamWorks.  Same policy, only theirs states that it's for legal reasons.  I understand that too, but HOW FRUSTRATING!  They will only accept scripts/ideas from known sources that they've already established a working relationship with.  Well, how are you supposed to get into that working relationship I ask?
Okay, so those failed I went to step three; a long shot; try Spielberg.  No go.  I can only find a fan mail contact and I seriously doubt anything will be heard from that (not that I'm not going to try it anyway.)
Allrighty lets move on.  I started searching on how to apply to be a script writer, or to get on a team, or to even approach the idea of it and I'm finding very, very little of helpful leads there.  Most of them say to just keep trying and expect to fail.  Sad thing is, I wouldn't mind if it weren't for THIS particular movie I wanted to be heard in.  There's no time for the submit and fail process.  But I'm not going to give up and that's that!  I'm going to keep going until the day the movie is out in theaters to get on this team, even if it's just to be heard and considered, I'm going to keep trying.
Any help, anything at all, would be appreciated.
Thank you all.


United States
Do I have to?
I like to write, draw and generally goof off any chance I get. I generally lean toward the darker side of life, ie~ death, torture, pain, suffering...that kind of thing. Not that I think everyone/thing should suffer, it's just my way of being. It's a part of life that can lead us to something beautiful, more whole in the end. A trial worth striving through to become a better person.
Um...I love to read and hunt down good fictions in my spare time.
I love art of all forms.
I have TOO MANY animals, but they are my friends and kids and too special to part with...
I do have a dog named Ratchet. Yes. I am obsessed. What?
I have a daughter that is THE WORLD to me. (though sometimes my world causes me complete chaos...I wouldn't have it any other way ^_^)
Married for 3 years now. Can't believe he's tolerated me this long! LOL!
I have 3 tattoos. Yes, the one posted here IS mine, it IS real and it IS awesome.
Am venturing to post my fictions here...hence the 'obsessed' comment. You'll understand I'm sure.
If there is something I didn't cover that you want to know...~stalker~ ^_~, no really, feel free to ask. I'm generally pretty friendly and I like to converse via interwaves. I'll probably answer you, however if it is a question about something not yet revealed in my fiction, be prepared for the fun game of avoidance. I'm good at it.

Current Residence: The Middle of Nowhere Prarie Edition
Favourite genre of music: Slightly off center.
Favourite photographer: The ones who take awesome pictures
Favourite style of art: Obscure
Operating System: The one with a view.
MP3 player of choice: The one that DOESN'T eat my computer.
Shell of choice: Shell?
Wallpaper of choice: The awesome one.
Skin of choice: Um...the one on my body?
Favourite cartoon character: For someone who watches so many cartoons...this question has too many answers.


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